“I may be getting older but my skin has never looked better”

By 40 + years of age, I’d been to a number of skin care specialists for facials and daily care recommendations. Until I met Julia, none of the specialists I had seen previously had the knowledge to identify a genetic skin condition I’d been living with since my mid-twenties. Not only did Julia identify the condition, which is easily treatable with the right products, she gently guided me through the educational process and the switch to products that would make my skin look fantastic! Her thirst for knowledge and continuing education keeps her and her services on the cutting edge of the industry and keeps me coming back month after month.It’s been six years since I first started seeing Julia and I may be getting older but my skin has never looked better. Thank you Julia!

Amy K.

“Faithful to Julia for over 8 years!”

My skin is a large organism and Julia’s a little chemist. She tries to convince me that the various applications align with my skins needs that day, but I’m on to her; Julia enjoys concocting various potions and lotions and watching my reaction during the process. She thinks it fun. I, on the other hand simply allow her to do whatever she wants, trustingly, because her mad chemist ways have led to my skin never looking better. Faithful to Julia for over 8 years!

Julie E.

“A true professional, knowledgeable, a gentle touch and a ‘therapist’ in every session.”

I have branded Quench the “Queen of my Skin”. I came looking for Julia with dull, grey and spotty skin and with her expertise, incredible touch and knowledge and not even mentioning her bedside manner, she managed to transform my skin into a glowing, living organism. Not only was she able to physically create the change, but she introduced me to a new skincare range complimenting the work she’s been doing for me. I could not recommend her enough. A true professional, knowledgeable, a gentle touch and a ‘therapist’ in every session.

Amanda M.

“Julia is at the top of our list of Boulder Favorites!”

Both my husband and I have been seeing Julia since we arrived in Boulder’s dry climate a few years ago. Julia impressed us in so many ways… her expertise and product knowledge give us great confidence. Her continuing education keeps her on top of her field. And her warm and caring personality make our skin care experience a pleasure. Since adopting her products and protocols, our skin has never looked or felt better. Julia is at the top of our list of Boulder Favorites!

Joann & David O.

“I strongly recommend Quench and Julia”

I have been seeing Julia for a couple of years now and her expertise, advice, attitude and personal engagement have always been incredible. The results, most importantly, are fantastic. Julia takes a very proactive approach in developing a long-term plan and providing the education and science behind her recommendations and treatments. If you are looking for healthier skin and a great overall environment I strongly recommend Quench and Julia.

Joe C.